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  • Graham Gordon Ramsay: The Sacred Voice
    Graham Gordon Ramsay: The Sacred Voice
    by Heinrich Christensen
  • Graham Gordon Ramsay: Compendium
    Graham Gordon Ramsay: Compendium
    by Scott Nicholas

Musician biographies for "Compendium" CD

Musician biographies for Jodi Hagen, Timothy Macri, Scott Nicholas, and Todd Seeber--the fine instrumentalists whose performances will be featured on the forthcoming "Compendium" CD.

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Liner notes for forthcoming CD "Compendium"

About a decade ago, I began to seriously reexamine my life in music, taking stock of the compositions I had created and looking forward to the kinds of works I wanted to compose in my future. This kind of introspection was sobering, as it was hard not to think of my own mortality. I tried to imagine what it would be like if I were to compose just two works per year until I was 70 years old. What kinds of musical forms and genres would I explore, and which instruments and performers would I write for? The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I began to relish the idea of new musical explorations and creating a body of work that contributes to the musical literature in some small way.

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New video featuring bassist Todd Seeber

I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel featuring a truly stunning performance by Todd Seeber. Todd and I have known each other since we were at Boston University together as undergraduates, and this movement from the suite Prologue and Two Scenes for Double Bass was composed for him in 1984 to showcase his talents.  Todd makes the bass sing with a lyricism that, coupled with his technical virtuosity and musical intelligence, rivals in intensity and emotional depth of any bassist I have ever heard.  He is a member of the Boston Symphony (and was the youngest member of the orchestra at the time he joined in 1988).  

I revised this work in 2006--some 22 years after it was originally composed--and then worked with Todd to capture this recording.  It will be included along with it's sister movements in the forthcoming CD by Albany Records of my solo instrumental works.


Concert premiere of "Mirabile Mysterium"

 On January 27, 2013 at 5:00 p.m., the King's Chapel Choir will present a concert premiere of "Mirabile Mysterium," composed for King's Chapel and presented for the first time during their Lessons and Carols service on Christmas Eve, 2012.  The concert program entitled "A Light in the Dark" will also feature the Ramsay "De Profundis," as well as works by Debussy, Praetorius, Victoria, Whitacre, and Christensen.


Scott Nicholas records "Six Preludes for Piano" at WGBH

Yesterday (November 7, 2012) was a red letter day for me, as it was the recording debut of my "Six Preludes for Piano."  The 24-minute work was performed by Scott Nicholas, a fine pianist who treated the work with great nuance and sensitivity.  We recorded at the Fraser Performance Studios at WGBH and Boston under the expert guidance of audio engineer Antonio Oliart, and Shaun Ramsay (my cousin who is a gifted photgrapher and musician in his own right) served as documentarian and videographer.  Finally, my dear friend and colleague Heinrich Christensen came to offer his expertise as pager-turner and general moral-supporter.  I'm a very lucky fellow--thanks to everyone how came to help out!

The "Six Preludes" is the last work to recorded for inclusion on a CD of my solo instrumental works, forthcoming from Albany Records in the summer 2013.

Next up: making editing choices in preparation to go to the engineer.  I've go my work cut out for me, but it's nice to have these kinds of problems!